Come Fly With Us!

Welcome to Midwest Balloon Rides! We are offer many extras not available from any other balloon company!

The Experience of a lifetime! Nothing is more fun for you and your friends than lifting off in a beautiful hot air balloon. Surprise your spouse, sweetheart, family, friends, customers and employees with a unique gift they will thank you for again and again. We fly more than any other company in Indiana and fly from downtown Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

  • Specific date scheduling
  • Video of your flight available from our hanging camera unit
  • More time in the air
  • The goodie bag of fun during your flight
  • Special Thank You Gift
  • Ceremonial After-Flight Toast
  • We can handle single passengers and as many as 30 using multiple balloons
  • Private flights available
  • And much more



Please click ” Pricing” to learn more about pricing and booking!

Please look around our website and if you don’t get your questions answered please contact us.

We can be reached at 317-863-0318 or


More information about our rides. We fly at Sunrise & Sunset,  sunset flights last just over 45 minutes with sunrise flights lasting right at 1 hour,  the entire experience last approx. 3 hours. Sunrise flights meet 45 minutes before sunrise and lift off just after the sun rises. Sunset flight meet 2 1/2 hours before sunset and lift approx. 1 ½ hours before the sun sets. We accept specific date scheduling all year long via our website. Though the best time for flying is April through early November.